Mei Xu, Creator of Blissliving Home
Mei Xu, Creator of Blissliving Home

Mei’s Story & the Story of Blissliving Home

The Blissliving Home story started in 2007 when Mei Xu followed her calling to launch a new collection of modern home lifestyle products inspired by her global travels.

Stemming from her experiences as a student in China, Mei’s passion for travel and world cultures dated back many years. Born and raised in Hangzhou, Mei was selected at a young age to receive training for a life-long career as a diplomat. She was sent off to attend the Hangzhou Foreign Language Boarding School at age 12. Upon her graduation, Mei moved to Beijing where she enrolled at the Foreign Studies University and started working part-time for the World Bank. During that time, Mei travelled to countries such as Bangladesh, Great Britain, and Sweden and was profoundly affected by her diverse experiences. Her fascination and love for travel was born!

Mei’s Fascination and Love for Travel is Born

This passion only deepened after Mei moved to the United States in 1992. After graduating from the University of Maryland with a Masters of Arts in Journalism, she co-founded Chesapeake Bay Candle, which quickly became one of the most successful candle and home fragrance companies in the United States. A driven entrepreneur with an impeccable sense of style, Mei began travelling across the United States, Europe and Asia searching for design and fragrance inspiration and developing partnerships with customers and vendors alike.

While on the road, Mei frequently slept in her own favorite set of cotton-sheets she kept bringing along to make herself feel comfortable wherever she went. She also felt the hotel bedding lacked style, design, and quality. It was during these trips that Mei started to dream up the concept that later became Blissliving Home.

Dreaming Up the Concept for a Fresh and Unexpected Home Lifestyle Brand

Mei started to visualize an upscale home-lifestyle brand inspired by her deep passion for travel. She wanted to create something bold… Something modern, unexpected, fresh, artistic and fun… Something that people could madly fall in love with.

Building on the success of her first company, Chesapeake Bay Candle, Mei set Blissliving Home up as a vertically integrated retail/wholesale business. The first Blissliving Home collection was unveiled through a glossy consumer catalog published in January 2007.

From there on, Blissliving Home added 2 new collections inspired by a different destination every year. Some of the most popular Blissliving Home destination collections include Aspen, Abu Dhabi, Paris, Easter Island, Argentina, London and Shangri-La (Himalayas/Tibet) among many others.

An Invitation to  Explore World Cultures through Design, Color, and Texture

True to Mei’s creative vision, every Blissliving Home collection features culturally inspired motifs gathered from her journeys across the globe. Authentic patterns and themes are updated in fresh and exciting color stories or cropped in bold and unexpected ways. With each line inspired by a different destination, every Blissliving Home collection is an invitation to experience the rush of a new travel adventure, and to explore world cultures through design, textures, and color.

Want to find out how the story continued?  Read here about our new beginnings and how we transformed from the original wholesale/retail business model to a licensing business in 2014!