Easter Island: Mei’s Inspiration Travel

Explore a New Side of Paradise

My travels have taken me all around the globe, but I will be the first to admit they are concentrated mostly in Europe and Asia. So, even as a self-proclaimed globetrotter, I jumped at the chance to visit Easter Island for the first time. Other islands are, of course, stunning but as the most remote inhabited island in the world, and most southeastern point of Polynesia, Easter Island is a lone paradise in the Pacific.

Nested in turquoise shades of deep seas speckled with lava rocks, endless green meadows stretch coast to coast. Nearby, bold flowers tiptoe carefully around archaic volcanoes and quarries. The second I laid eyes on such vibrant elements of nature, the palette for this season’s paradisal destination came to life.

Across the treeless land, 887 giant moai statues carved from enormous lava stones, stand proudly along ceremonial shrines, while others back the sea along the shoreline, facing inward to watch over generations of their people. Averaging 13 feet high and weighing 14 tons, their minimalist style relates to forms found throughout Polynesia.

Optimism radiated across the island, through the beaming smiles of natives, which seemed to say they were happy left alone, secluded by such remoteness. After a dark history of near deforestation, civil wars, and population declines, they simply want to celebrate a peaceful existence. And celebrate, they do! Lively dancing and constant drumbeats are simply part of daily island life.

On Easter Island, I found a paradise in its original form for the first time. Here, time stayed still. Civilization somewhat meant destroying one culture by insisting on another. And in between, lies the most beautiful island that is both vast and picturesque, but empty and still.

Contemplating the best way to capture the unique flora and fauna of this exotic utopia, I took snapshots with both my camera and mind. My heart beat fast with excitement thinking of our upcoming collection, then slow again while taking in the soothing scenery.

With refined highlights of nature, colorfully presented in exotic designs, we invite you to discover true paradise: Explore Easter Island!

Mei Xu
Creator & CEO