Abu Dhabi: Mei’s Inspiration Travel

Awaken the Opulence of Abu Dhabi!

I never found the idea of a desert romantic or exotic. But after moving to the US and getting to know other deserts around the world, thoughts of the colors and shades of light that dance over sand dunes made something I previously overlooked appear full of endless possibility. Presenting itself with majestic charm, I found Abu Dhabi to be a perfect gateway to a culture and landscape brand new to me—one that provided the perfect inspiration for our newest collection.

The first thing on my agenda was a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque known for its breathtaking scale and luxurious details. Even from afar, you can see what a magnificent place it is. With its infinite white marble exterior and colorful granite carved into traditional motifs, it is both sacred and peacefully inspiring. Ancient symbols dominant in the motifs covering the mosque’s interior combine with ornate scroll designs and divine gold accents to illuminate the ceiling and reconfirm a yearning for something heavenly and earthly all at once. Taking hints of that white marble, the overwhelming scale of the building, and those eccentric embellishments, I began thinking about our 2013 Abu Dhabi Collection.

But of all the adventures Abu Dhabi offered, my favorite was a jeep ride coasting over waves of sand as the jeep rose up and down, dancing with the desert dunes. Captivated by the vastness of the desert and mesmerized as the sun cast a magic spell upon the sand, I watched the bright blue skies turn to a purple shade of grey. Everything came to life in inconceivable contrasts. From deep cocoa browns and sienna to corals and golden amber, the richness presented by the colors of the sand at dusk was unlike anything else.

Back home, I tried to convert the excitement I felt that day and the brilliant hues I remembered emerging from the light upon the dunes into vivid colors, oversized motifs, and impeccable details to please the eye and soothe the soul. The result is our Spring 2013 collection: Abu Dhabi.

Laid over sand-colored ground is a vibrant symbol found within the mosque. Accessories burst with ample embroidery, metallic fabrics, and uniquely bold designs. Through details almost as grand as the mosque itself and colors captured from the rays of a desert sun, impressions of a remarkable culture emerge. As you take in each piece of this exotic collection, I hope you, too, take one step closer to finding that magically romantic location that for some is still a dream!

Mei Xu
Creator & CEO