Aspen: Mei’s Inspiration Travel

Call of the Mountain!

Throughout my travels, whenever I fly over snow covered mountains, I feel the rush of skiing down the slopes on my first trip to Aspen.

Growing up in China, the idea of skiing was both thrilling and intimidating.  I was ambitious to take up skiing in my mid-20s when I first moved to DC, but quickly determined I was too old to learn.  However my kids became avid skiers so I planned a trip to Aspen, which promised a great deal of powdery snow.

The drive to the hotel wound up and down stone mountains, so majestic and silent. Snow blanketed most of the peaks, but you could always see the red rocks peeking out.  We passed by a charming city lined with art galleries, cute restaurants, and one of a kind boutiques, before arriving at our hotel, Little Nell.  Nestled right at the foot of the mountain, it had a rustic chic vibe with a contemporary color pallet. There was a warmth and lightness to the décor and a modern twist to the furniture.

The Aspen Experience

With such great ski conditions, I decided to try my luck one more time.  The familiar fear rushed over me, but the friendly instructor helped me to ski down the slope without a fall.  I felt exhilarated and suddenly the mountains seemed to come to life.  I noticed for the first time the beautiful birch trees, tall, and beautifully lining up the slopes. Against the white snow, they looked particularly poetic and with the blue sky and colorful birds dancing in the sunshine, it made a permanent impression in my head and I knew I had to recreate this inspiring moment for an Aspen collection.

I also wanted to celebrate my ambience of the Little Nell hotel, natural and rustic while at the same time modern and completely new.  I incorporated southwestern inspired patterns throughout the collection, from the Cheyenne duvet with embroidered geometrics on linen, to the stacked chevron reverse on Harper, to the colorful designs on the Pawnee pillow.  The pillows are infused with updated earth tones likes Persimmon, Gold, and Charcoal.  And no ski weekend collection could be complete without warm layers of rich texture, like our woven Presley throws, yarn stitched Parker pillow, and luxurious fur Kylie pillow.

I treasure this Aspen experience because it was there that I found the joy and thrill to ski down beautiful snow covered mountains, content and centered. And it is there that the rustic chic aesthetic registered in my design pallet, celebrating the very best of living with what nature has to offer.

Mei Xu
Creator & CEO