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Rendezvous with Paris

Doubting that Paris could ever live up to its larger than life reputation, I avoided going there for quite a while. In many mediums, it seemed all of its extravagance had already been explored and exploited. It was nothing personal; I just feared the disappointment I would face when Paris did not live up to the flawless picture the arts and mainstream media had painted.

But after our first encounter, Paris surpassed my expectations with an inconceivable combination of history, arts, architecture, fashion, food, and, most importantly, people that capture the imagination so intensely one cannot help but to be lured back again.

In all the interpretations of Paris I had experienced through others, none had explained the world of fashion, as it truly exists there: incredibly refreshing, yet understated. Ensembles that were at once simple with black and white came alive through tailoring that showed off each figure in a subtle yet chic way.

Fashion is not just a mere art in Paris; it is something deeply set in one’s life. Between haute couture, the fine delicacies offered at the markets, and mouthwatering scents of La Maison du Chocolat drifting through the air, the desire to stay felt so natural.

Since my first journey there, I have felt Paris call on my heart many times. Always obliging, I go back for more, and Paris returns the favor by revealing more of itself each time. Referencing lusty European romance, they say in Paris you will fall in love—but it was with Paris that I fell in love.

With each romantic rendezvous, the City of Light exudes classic luxuries and flirty feminine details that provide inspiration until we meet again. From sweet memories in Le Marais and St. Germain, I collected impressionable motifs and palettes that so endearingly speak of Paris to share in our new collection. As you journey throughout this marvelous city, don’t be surprised if you fall in love, too.

Bon Voyage!

Mei Xu
Creator & CEO